PEW SURVEY: Nearly 3/4 of Single Democrats Won’t Date Trump Voters

Newsweek reports Seventy-one percent of single Democratic Party voters said they are very unlikely to even consider dating a person who voted for Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, a new survey finds.

The Pew Research Center study revealed the country’s widening partisan divide has bled into Americans’ dating habits, with 45 percent of Democrats or left-leaning voters outright declaring they “definitely would not” pursue a relationship with a Trump voter. That share is more than double the 19 percent of Republicans or right-leaning respondents who said they “definitely would not” date someone who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And based purely on party lines, 43 percent of Democrats said they would not likely date anyone who is a Republican, compared to just 24 percent of Republicans who said the same of their liberal counterparts.

The multi-layered Pew survey of nearly 5,000 “single-and-looking” Americans showed that members of both parties were more likely to romantically write-off a person who voted for Trump or Clinton in 2016 rather than someone who simply identified as a member of the opposite party. Only 4 percent of Democrat-leaning voters admitted they had previously dated a Trump voter, and only 4 percent of Republican-leaning voters conceded the same about dating a Clinton voter.

Just shy of three-quarters (74 percent) of GOP-leaning voters said they would either consider dating a Democrat or they already have in the past. But that share falls to 51 percent when the question is changed to whether or not they would enter a relationship with someone who voted for Clinton in the last presidential election.

Previous surveys of American voters conducted during the Trump era have shown that political differences have impacted people’s views on very personal levels. Seventy-five percent of Democrats surveyed last September said Republicans are more “close-minded” than fellow Democratic voters, while two-thirds of Republicans said Democrats are “unpatriotic.” In terms of perceived ethical and moral flaws, a 55 percent majority of Republicans said Democrats are “immoral.”

More than twice as many Republicans in last year’s Pew surveys described Democrats as “lazy,” and 38 percent of Democrats labeled their GOP counterparts as “unintelligent.”

Pew’s polarized dating survey found that only 28 percent of Democrat-leaning Americans would even consider dating a Trump voter, with only eight percent of those people saying they “definitely” would. But in a strange political twist, 13 percent of Democrats said they would not even consider being in a relationship with a person who voted for Clinton. Only 5 percent of conservative-leaning respondents said the same about a 2016 Trump voter.

Non-white Democratic daters were found to be much more likely than whites to say they would not be in a relationship with a Republican or someone who voted for Trump in 2016.

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