PEW: U.S. Support for BLM movement has decreased by double digits from June

According to a new report from Pew, support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement has dropped from June.

55% of U.S. adults expressed some support for the movement.

In June a much larger majority of 67% expressed support for the movement amid nationwide demonstrations in wake of George Floy’d death.

Those who say they strongly support the movement have also dropped from 38% to 28%.

According to Pew “The recent decline in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly notable among White and Hispanic adults. In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support. The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today.”