Pence Announces Insurance companies to waive copays for coronavirus tests

Mike Pence announced today that a group of major health insurance companies have agreed to waive copay fees on coronavirus testing.

“I’m pleased to report, as you requested, Mr. President, that all the insurance companies here — either today or before today — have agreed to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and extend coverage for coronavirus treatment in all of their benefit plans,” Pence said.

TheHill reports Pence made the comments at a meeting at the White House with the CEOs of major health insurance companies aimed at encouraging people to get tested by removing cost barriers.

Some insurance companies had already announced they were waiving copays, but Pence’s announcement appeared to cover a larger group.

Pence said the companies gathered represent almost 240 million Americans.

The leaders of major health insurers, including UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, Aetna and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association were at the meeting, according to the White House.

Pence said the insurers had agreed to cover telemedicine to allow people to speak to their doctors remotely about the coronavirus. He also said they had agreed to “no surprise billing.”