Pelosi’s Impeachment Resolution Day Results in “Massive Fundraising Day” for Trump

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter Friday morning to announce that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment resolution day resulted in a “MASSIVE fundraising day” for Trump

Parscale boasted $3 million raised online alone in one day.

He added “That makes $19 million in October online alone.”

Julie replied to Brad “The Democratic Party has turned into a circus. The humiliation they bring upon themselves is ridiculous.”

Christy O’Cathian wrote “Consider my donation a big (middle finger) to Adam Schiff and Speaker Pelosi”

ABC reports it didn’t take long for President Donald Trump‘s reelection team to leap into action after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday night that House Democrats were moving forward with an impeachment inquiry — Trump’s campaign had been plotting for weeks how to counter such a move.

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Moments after Pelosi delivered her statement, the Trump campaign quickly fired off a string of fundraising emails — at least four emails within 24 hours — launched dozens of new Facebook ads asking supporters to join an “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force” and released a slickly produced video decrying Democrats for being “solely focused” on impeachment, which the president himself tweeted out.

Trump’s campaign and the RNC said they raised $1 million in the first three hours after Pelosi’s announcement and $5 million in the ensuing 24 hours, a haul that trounces the $1 million donated by supporters on the day the Mueller report was released.

This latest effort by Trump’s campaign, which appears more aggressive than the team’s efforts centered around recent Democratic debates or even news related to Robert Mueller, shows the campaign’s focus on pushing a narrative across multiple platforms — and the importance of that narrative being impeachment, which could fire up the president’s base.