Pelosi takes issue with Republican calling the Squad the “Hamas Caucus”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to Republican Rep. Mike Waltz renaming the Squad “Hamas Caucus”, telling Fox “It’s not constructive, in fact it’s dangerous for them to speak that way. It’s dangerous to the target of their comments, but they don’t appreciate that – they don’t care about that.”

Republican Rep. Jim Banks also used the term in a release, saying “Actions speak louder than squishy words. Speaker Pelosi can let members vote on our resolution, or she can cover for the Hamas Caucus and their anti-Israel and anti-American rhetoric. We’ll see.”

Walz fired back by saying “Speaker Pelosi is dodging the issue and ignoring the fact that members of her own conference are defending terrorism. Enough is enough. Plenty of Democrats agree. #HamasCaucus”