Pelosi Slams Trump Despite Successful Mexico Negotiation Results

In a recently released statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disparaged President Trump’s recent negotiations with Mexico over the continued flow of illegal aliens into the US, despite its successful outcome.

Pelosi accused Trump of having “undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world” regarding his threat to impose tariffs against Mexico, should the country’s government fail to address the surging numbers of Central American migrants.

The House Speaker went on to call Trump’s efforts “unconscionable and irresponsible,” adding, “Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

From The Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hammered President Trump on Saturday over his latest threats to slap a 5 percent tariff on imports from Mexico, repeating her claim that the president was negotiating via “threats and temper tantrums.”

In a statement, Pelosi denounced Trump’s relationship with Mexico, accusing him of taking actions that “undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world” by threatening tariffs on a country she described as “our close friend and neighbor to the south.”

“The Trump Administration must also do much more to cooperate in a meaningful way with Mexico in cracking down on smuggling networks. [Its] failure to do so thus far is unconscionable and irresponsible. Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy,” she added.

Trump also took aim at Pelosi on Saturday morning on Twitter, calling her “nervous.”

“Nervous Nancy Pelosi & the Democrat House are getting nothing done. Perhaps they could lead the way with the USMCA, the spectacular & very popular new Trade Deal that replaces NAFTA, the worst Trade Deal in the history of the U.S.A. Great for our Farmers, Manufacturers & Unions!” Trump tweeted.

The comments come amid an intensifying feud between Pelosi and Trump. The president lashed out at the speaker after reports surfaced that she told other Democrats she wants to see him “in prison.”

“Nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement, especially since I was with foreign leaders overseas. There is no evidence for such a thing to have been said,” Trump tweeted Friday.

Saturday’s back-and-forth came after Trump had threatened to levy tariffs against Mexico beginning Monday if the government did not ramp up its efforts to curtail illegal border crossings into the U.S. However, Trump announced late Friday that a deal had been reached to avoid the tariffs.

As part of the deal, Mexico will beef up its national guard presence at its southern border to stem the flow of Central American migrants northward, boost intelligence sharing with the U.S. and allow the U.S. to deport migrants seeking asylum to Mexico to await adjudication. Mexico also said it would take stronger action against human and drug trafficking rings.