Pelosi says she’s open to repealing the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal abortion funding

During a press conference Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked “Will a bill repealing the Hyde amendment come up for a vote before the whole House in 2021?”

Per CBS News “the Hyde Amendment restricts federal funding from supporting abortions except in instances of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.”

Pelosi responded “Well, I don’t know if there will be a bill to do that, but it will be part of legislation. Yes, I think that is – I mean, I, myself, have been an opponent of the Hyde amendment long before I came to Congress. So I would be receptive to that happening, yes.”

Pelosi was then asked “Does it depend on the outcome of control of the Senate, what the House does, or will the House proceed on the Hyde amendment however?”

The House Speaker answered “well, you know, again, our biggest partner in all of this are the American people, are the American people, and the American people know that we have to have fairness in what we do.”

She continued “And this is not an issue of the Hyde amendment. It is an issue as to the impact that it has in terms of unfairness to women in our country.”

“So, this will be an interesting debate, again, respectful of all views. But nonetheless, again, way before I was in Congress, as soon as the Hyde amendment was there, I was thinking, ‘How can we get rid of that?’ So, it’s long overdue, getting rid of it, in my view,” she added.