Pelosi says she has confidence in Harris leading the crisis at the border and addressing the root cause

According to a new report from Fox News “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she has confidence in Vice President Kamala Harris’ ability to address the root causes of the border crisis and touted progress the Biden administration has already made to “reconstruct” the immigration system. ”

“Harris is tasked with dealing with the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to stop migrants from those countries from making the long and dangerous trek to the Southern border,” per the report.

Asked about Harris leading diplomatic efforts to make conditions in those countries better so migrants won’t leave home, Pelosi said “I think she is very well suited to do that.”

Pelosi also touted a “80% decrease of the number of children under the auspices of the Border Patrol” as a sign of progress, adding “They had been moved out more expeditiously than before because the Biden-Harris Administration had reconstructed how we deal with the situation at the border.”

Harris has gone 51 days without holding any press conferences on the situation at the border or visiting.