Pelosi Says Dems Won’t Contest a 2020 Trump Victory “That’s Not Who We Are”

Despite repeated tough talk regarding Democrats’ plans for President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated during a recent speech that the party will not question the outcome of the upcoming election, should Trump be victorious in 2020.

“Oh, I think we have to respect the vote of the people,” said Pelosi, who went on to speculate that Trump would do Democrats no such favors, quipping “He would have challenged the whatever-it-is,” before adding, “But that’s not who we are.”

Pelosi reaffirmed, “Yes, if he wins,” going on to urge Democrats to “make a decision that [President Trump is] not going to win.”

Later, the House Speaker added, “But no, we have to respect the results of the election,” before again stating her belief that “I don’t believe [President Trump] would have.”