Pelosi reacts to Trump being acquitted “Tragically, Senate Republicans who voted not to convict chose to abandon the Constitution, the Country and the American people”

Moments ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted her reaction after the Senate voted to acquit former President Trump in a 57-43 vote.

Pelosi tweeted “The Congress and Country can take great pride in the House Impeachment Managers, who defended our Constitution & Democracy with a moving presentation demonstrating love of country and loyalty to our oath and the facts.”

She added “I salute the Republican Senators who voted their conscience and for our Country. Other Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold Trump accountable will go down as one of the darkest days and most dishonorable acts in our nation’s history.”

Pelosi also called GOP Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell “pathetic,” writing “It’s pathetic that @LeaderMcConnell kept the Senate shut down so that Article of Impeachment couldn’t be received & used that as his excuse for voting to acquit.”

Pelosi’s full statement: