Pelosi Predicts Dems Sweep House, Senate and WH “The great American nightmare will be over”

Breibart reports Tuesday on CBS Radio, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted a victory for Democrats, saying they will win the White House, Senate majority and House majority in November.

When host Steve Futterman asked what type of campaign she expects Trump to run this fall, Pelosi said, “I think we can expect the same kind of campaign we had before, one focusing on fear and dishonesty.”

She continued, “Again, he will focus on China…because he is always projecting his weakness on others. He knows he is in trouble in China because he has said to the president of China, ‘I’ll look the other way while you put people in concentration camps so we can have our own negotiations.’ He knows he is in trouble—his kids have copyrights and everything in China, the list goes on. Thirty-seven times even this spring, I don’t know how many times he praised President Xi for what a great guy he was, what a great leader he was, and the rest of that. So where he has exposure, he projects.”

“So now he is going to run a campaign against Joe Biden on China. We have news for him. The truth will prevail. He won’t get away with it this time. We are going to win the House and grow our number. We are going to win the Senate and elect Joe Biden, president of the United States. And then, what did Gerald Ford say? The great American nightmare will be over.”