Pelosi claims to be “very confident” Dems will keep House in 2022 despite report, doubts

Discussing the 2022 midterms, House Speaker Pelosi said “I’m very confident we will win the House…our members are individuals… they run in their own districts. We ran in 2018 on a message developed by the was for the people. Lower heath care costs. Bigger paychecks. Cleaner government.”

“They have their own connections to their own districts. We always want to be cautious..nothing is as important and the candidate putting their own authenticity out there,” she added.

Pelosi also said the strategy is to run “scared.”

“We always want to be cautious,” Pelosi said. She added that Rep. Sean Maloney message to lawmakers last week was, “Always run scared.”

Per the  Washington Examiner, Pelosi “dismissed warnings from internal pollsters that the party would lose the House if the election were held now.”

“The dismal analysis was presented to Democratic lawmakers by the head of the House Democratic campaign arm, Rep. Sean Maloney of New York, according to Politico.

According to the polling, only 42% of likely voters in key swing districts trust Democrats to handle the economy.”