Pelosi admits need to downsize “Build Back Better” but doesn’t think dividing it up is a good idea

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi echoed President Biden, admitting the need to downsize and perhaps rename Democrats’ failed “Build Back Better plan.”

However, Pelosi took issue with Biden’s call to pass it in “chunks.”

“So what the president calls ‘chunks’ I would hope would be a major bill going forward,” Pelosi explained, taking issue with how President Biden worded what could be passed. “It may be more limited, but it is still significant.”

Pelosi instead argued Democrats still have limited options for passing legislation in a closely divided and highly partisan Congress so breaking it down would not make it easier.

“This is a reconciliation bill,” she said, referring to the legislative vehicle that would allow Democrats to evade a filibuster in the Senate. “So when people say, ‘let’s divide it up,’ they don’t understand the process.”