Liz Peek Argues Pelosi’s Impeachment Push Guarantees Trump Reelection

By Liz Peek – Palm Beach Post

The unwarranted impeachment push from hate-filled antagonists will ensure that everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 will do so again, ensuring his re-election, says columnist Liz Peek.

Here’s what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done by undertaking a reckless and partisan drive to impeach the president: absolutely guaranteed that anyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 will vote for him again next year.

Guaranteed, as a result, that Trump will be reelected.

Across the United States, tens of millions of Americans are furious that Donald Trump, a man they respect, has been bullied and bloodied by hate-filled, crazed political antagonists who mock him, lie shamelessly about his policies, obstruct his every move and, most disgusting of all, savagely demean his wife and children.

Those same Americans are also furious that we have wasted three years pursuing fake accusations of collusion with Russia and now Ukrainian skullduggery; they wonder what might have been accomplished over these past three years if not for the constant undermining of Mr. Trump and his administration.

Pelosi has opened a door that may never close. For all the pious posturing, Democrats have drummed up at best a flimsy and half-baked prosecution of this president. The proceedings mean that their next leader will likely face similar trials. Once impeachment becomes a political cure-all, our long-stable government will be vulnerable to ongoing partisan attacks like the one we are witnessing today, and presidents may fall like dominoes.

This is not hyperbole. I imagine that even the most cursory investigation of past presidents would yield, by the standards of today’s Democrats, grounds for impeachment.

Did not President Obama back the investigation into Trump’s campaign, as Lisa Page and Peter Strzok’s text exchanges seem to indicate? On Sept. 2, 2016, Page wrote Strzok that “potus wants to know everything we’re doing,” referring to President Obama. Did Obama not endorse the pursuit of the Russia dossier, which was funded by the Clinton camp to undercut Donald Trump’s run for the White House? Obama may not have been on the ticket personally, but he certainly knew that his legacy was at stake. That could be viewed as “personal gain” – the same motivation that Pelosi says drove Trump’s demand that Ukraine investigate Joe Biden.

The push to impeach is driven by the sore losers of 2016, by a party and their media enablers who are terrified that the humiliation of 2016 will be visited upon them again in 2020. Voters get that, which is why the polling on impeachment has moved against Democrats.

Pelosi’s party has no answer, and no candidate with a plausible alternative, to a booming economy that has brought jobs, higher incomes and hope to millions of Americans.

Democrats are panicked that even their most dependable backers – blacks and Hispanics, among others – are warming to their improved lives and prospects, and to Trump. The most recent employment report, showing that we added an extraordinary 266,000 new jobs, reinforces their enthusiasm. How can Elizabeth Warren win when she wants to blow up an economy benefiting so many?

And, make no mistake, Americans credit Donald Trump for the better times. They remember Obama gurus like Larry Summers telling them about “secular stagnation,” that America’s future was bleak and that manufacturing was dead in our country.

They remember Paul Krugman forecasting a “global recession with no end in sight” and a stock market collapse if Trump were elected president.

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