Paxton says he filed an appeal to reinstate the “fetal heartbeat” abortion law

Per a new report from Fox News “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday asked the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday to restore Texas’ ‘fetal heartbeat’ abortion law, which took effect last month.”

Paxton told Fox his state is “appealing the district court decision to stay our Texas legislation on stopping abortions once a heartbeat is detected.”

“We got a ruling from the federal district judge that would stay that law from staying in effect, and we’re challenging that and appealing that to the Fifth Circuit,” Paxton added, referencing the Temporary Restraining Order blocking the legislation from a district judge ruling.

“I do think it will be successful,” Paxton added about the appeal. “I think that duly elected representatives of people made the decision about how they wanted to address this, and I think the stay was premature. The judge hasn’t really heard the merits of the case, so this needs to stay in effect until we have a chance to present our arguments in court.”