Paul Krugman Praises “The Deep State” Explains Why “Trump Hates It So Much”

Paul Krugman, who famously incorrectly predicted a Trump presidency would bring a global recession, made waves on social media after a provocative claim about the “Deep State.”

Responding to a tweet from John Harwood that “both Hill and Holmes come across as confident and credible” Krugman responded “One side lesson from this inquiry is that the Deep State contains some really impressive, principled people. Which is why Trump hates it so much.”

Twitter users were somewhat shocked that Krugman referred to the “deep state” in such a “matter of fact” manner.

One Twitter user responded “wasn’t the Deep State a conspiracy theory like two years back.”

Another wrote “I was under the impression that the Deep State was a fantasy.”

Former CIA director John McLaughlin had quite an answer last month when asked about how the series of events leading to Trump impeachment “feeds the President’s concern and often used term about a deep state being there to take him out.”

McLaughlin didn’t miss a beat.

“Well, thank God for the deep state”


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