Paul Krugman Gloats, Rips Trump’s Presidency After Stock Market Rout

Economist Paul Krugman responded to the stock market rout due to coronavirus fears by gloating and ripping President Trump’s presidency.

Krugman tweeted:

Economists, myself included, often make a point of saying that the stock market is not the economy, which it isn’t.

It *is*, however, pretty much the Trump presidency.

Take away his magic talisman and there’s nothing left

Many supporters of President Trump fired back at Krugman.

Intelligent Americans are not going to blame Trump for a drop in the stock market because of a virus that came out of China.

But they will remember shallow people who gloat about it; people who are happy to see their fellow Americans suffer just to play “gotcha” with Trump.

Regardless, we know this virus is being weaponized by you “Locusts of the Left,” and we will still vote for @realDonaldTrump 2020.

Except for jobs, higher hourly wages, and higher family income which are the hallmarks of his Presidency. The stock market is just the frosting.

“ENEMY of the People”

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