Patricia Arquette fumes after Sen. Sinema Skips Jan. 6th commission vote

Actress Patricia Arquette fumes after Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema skipped the January 6th commission vote.

Six Republican Senators voted alongside the vast majority of Democrats but Sinema did not show up to vote.

Arquette tweeted “Did anyone elect @kyrstensinema so they could pay her as she ditched her workday for one of the most important votes in the history of the country?”

Other apparent Democrats replying to Arquette also expressed anger at Sinema.

“I was conned into voting for her because she lied and misrepresented herself as a Democrat during her campaign. She’s a GOP asset.”

“People worked their butts off to get her elected and this is the repayment. Along with squelching the 15.00 min wage. Unbelievable.”

“When she got to Congress people were falling all over themselves about her. “She’s wonderful! Look at her clothes! And she’s *bisexual*, isn’t that great?” Just shallow.”