Patricia Arquette “Reminder – Donald Trump is not the legitimate President” and “He never will be”

Monday actress Patricia Arquette made the provocative claims that President Trump is not legitimate.

Without offering much “evidence” behind her claim, Arquette tweeted:

Reminder- Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the Unites States. He never has been . He never will be.

Many of Arquette’s followers echoed her view.

“#IllegitimatePresident from day 1!”

“Fake President killing Americans. Prosecute him now.”

“Yes! That election should have been declared null and void the minute we knew about Russia’s interference.”

You are so right @PattyArquette He had to cheat to get into office…but cheating is his nature.”

On July 4th Arquette tweeted:

Trump continues to do nothing as Russia puts blood money bounty on our troops heads.

On July 2nd Arquette wrote:

Reminder The Klan paid for Mount Rushmore. Trump just can’t keep his ass away can he?