Patricia Arquette asks Beto O’Rourke to please run for Texas Governor

Moments ago, actress Patricia Arquette responded to a tweet by Jamie Carter.

Carter tweeted “As Texans face electric bills up to $10,000 let’s take a moment to remember that the Governor and Attorney General are up for Re-election in 2022. #AbbottFailedTexas”

Arquette replied “@BetoORourke Please run for Gov”

Actress Alyssa Milano recently also praised Beto, tweeting:

While @tedcruz was flying to Cancun @BetoORourke
was actually in Texas making wellness-check- phone-calls.

I know this because I was on the zoom—also making calls— and watching him work his ass off for his fellow Texans.

We need more leaders who lead from a place of love.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted Thrusday:

As of this afternoon there are no residential power outages due to lack of power generation.

If any residence doesn’t have power it is due to downed power lines or the need for the power company to manually reconnect.

If you don’t have power contact your local power provider.