“Pathetic” Joy Reid criticized after claiming the border crisis is “nonexistent”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was blasted by Curtis Houck after attacking South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and referring to the border crisis as “nonexistent.”

Reid said “It would appear that our inaugural Absolute Worst is jealous of all the attention that our two record-holders, Republican Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Florida’s Ron DeSantis and so she’s sending South Dakota’s National Guard troops roaming, deploying them to the southern border of Texas, joining MAGA sycophant DeSantis and the governors of Iowa and Nebraska in sending ‘help’ to the border. 50 National Guard troops are being deployed in response to Greg Abbott’s plea for more border security for a nonexistent crisis.”

Sharing a video of the segment, Curtis Houck wrote “How old is Joy Reid?! Seriously. With segments like this where she possesses the emotional maturity of someone much, much younger, it’s pathetic that there’s literally nothing she can do or say that would get her fired from MSNBC.”

According to a recent report from Fox News, Reid is struggling badly in the ratings department.

Per the report “MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” with Joy Reid had its worst week ever from June 14-18, setting new viewership lows among both total viewers and the key news demographic coveted by advertisers.”

The show averaged only 1.2 million viewers during this period, reaching the lowest viewership since the program began in July of last year, filling in after the abrupt retirement of Chris Matthews.