Parnell says Biden’s “Utter Dereliction of Duty” Cost 13 American Families a Loved One

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday ,U.S. Senate candidate and veteran Sean Parnell argued Biden’s dereliction of duty cost 13 American families a loved one.

“Watching an American President bend the knee to the Taliban has been really difficult and when you say it was wholy preventable, it absolutely was,” Parnell explained. “It didn’t have to be this way. We talked a lot, you know how I felt about the war in Afghanistan, been there for 20 years, half of my adult life. I was wounded over there, along with 85 percent of my troops. Right? I believe that it was time to come home, but not like this.”

“So, [President Joe] Biden, in his attempts to be completely different from President [Donald] Trump, discarded President Trump’s plan, which was negotiated from a position of strength,” Parnell continued.“President Trump was engaged with regional leaders and talking to battlefield commanders, and a withdrawal was conditions-based, and one of the things that just is unbelievable, Matt, is that Biden moved the withdrawal date for political purposes back to September 11th from May, and when that happened, the Taliban consolidated.

“Organized a counter-offensive, but not just them, every terrorist faction in that country as well, who is aligned with the Taliban against the West, … that delay, gave them the time and space to reorganize and plan this unbelievable counter-offensive that we saw play out over the last two weeks, and all of this is just laid right there, squarely at Joe Biden’s feet. Anyone could have seen this coming. And it’s just a tragedy that 13 American families now having the worst week of their entire life because of the Biden administration and his utter dereliction of duty,” he added.