Parents Accuse School of Brainwashing Teen Daughter into Believing She’s Transgender

Ashleigh and Ged Barnett, the parents of a teenage girl in the UK, are accusing her school of allowing her to attend “radicalizing” mentoring sessions that convinced her she had gender dysphoria and was transgender.

The school is denying the claim.

Per DailyMail: 

A school has been accused of secretly allowing a 13-year-old girl to attend ‘radicalising’ mentoring sessions that convinced her that she was transgender.

Ashleigh and Ged Barnett allege that until the one-to-one sessions began last September, their daughter appeared comfortable in her body and showed little interest in transgender issues.

But they say she had changed completely by November, sporting a short haircut and talking about feeling that she was really a boy.

They were confused by the transformation until they met her headteacher to discuss another matter and learned that their daughter had been having weekly sessions with the head of the school’s LGBT group.

Last night, Mrs Barnett, 50, accused Hoe Valley School in Woking, Surrey, of allowing the teenager to be ‘brainwashed’. The school denies the claim.

“Our daughter was egged on to feel that she’s a boy in a girl’s body,’ Mrs Barnett said.

‘The teaching assistant also pointed her in the direction of a YouTube website of a trans activist, which featured a video where they showed off their mastectomy scars and told how well the operation had gone.’

The couple said they were furious when they found school staff had let the teenager attend the sessions ‘behind our backs’.

Mrs Barnett said: ‘The school didn’t think it was fit to tell us. We are her parents, but responsibility to care for our child has been taken away. The attitude is that it’s the child’s choice and it’s got nothing to do with us.

‘Children at 13 or 14, especially girls, are sometimes not happy in their own bodies – that’s what puberty does to you. They are very vulnerable. It only takes one person with an agenda to plant a little seed that they are “in the wrong body”.’

Mrs Barnett also claimed that the teaching assistant encouraged their daughter to change in a boy’s cubicle and that staff began using a male name for her.

She alleges the teaching assistant had no formal counseling qualifications and only received training from local charity Eikon that provides ‘LGBT+ awareness sessions’ for schools.

In recent email correspondence with the couple, headteacher Jane Davies said she believed their daughter should be left to use the changing facilities she preferred.

‘We will continue to provide a safe environment for [your child], but it is not our place to alert you to how she feels,’ she wrote.

‘It is important that you understand that she is old enough to make her own decisions.’

Per TCO, the Alabama senate recently passed a bill to make it a felony for doctors to perform or prescribe gender-altering treatment to children under 19.

Alabama state senators voted 22-3 to approve the bill.

Rep. Wes Allen of Troy and Sen. Shay Shelnutt of Trussville are the sponsors of the bill, called the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act.

Per AL, the Alabama House Health Committee approved Allen’s late February after 10 people spoke at a public hearing on the measure, five in favor and five against. They included medical professionals on both sides and people with first-hand experiences on both sides.