PANDERING? Buttigieg Asks Sharpton For Permission To Eat Fried Chicken With His Hands [VIDEO]

2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg traveled to Harlem to “kiss the ring” of notorious race baiter and scammer Reverend Al Sharpton.

Watch the video:

During the visit, the two gentlemen at lunch, complete with hot sauce and fried chicken.

Deadline reported that Buttigieg is from Indiana, but he seems to have a major following in Harlem.

The South Bend mayor, who’s been surging in the polls, met with Al Sharpton Monday in New York City.

The two had lunch at Sylvia’s, a soul food institution in the city, as the White House hopeful looked for guidance on how to connect with black voters.

During the lunch meeting, Buttigieg asked if it was okay for him to eat his fried chicken with his hands.

Twitter users were quick to respond to the shameless stunt.

“Trying to imagine the media response if a Republican asked Al Sharpton the proper way to eat fried chicken.”

“What century are these Democrats in? Do they really think they still have to go bow before shady Al Sharpton and kiss his ring? Embarrassing.”