WATCH: Pam Bondi blasts Hunter Biden at RNC, says “he was paid millions to do nothing”

During a fiery RNC speech on day 2 of the 4 day even, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi tore into Hunter Biden, suggesting he benefitted from nepotism and “was paid millions to do nothing.”

“We all know about Joe’s son Hunter Biden,” Bondi said “A corrupt Ukrainian oligarch put Hunter on the board of his gas company, even though he had no experience in the country or in the energy sector. None. Yet he was paid millions to do nothing.”

Bondi also accused Hunter of meeting Chinese bankers for approval on millions of funds for his firm while his father was in office.

“Talk to the folks in middle America who lost countless jobs to China while your son was getting rich with them.” Bondi said.

“Joe says we’ll build back better. Yeah, build the Bidens back better.” She added.