Palm Beach officials weighing bid to evict Trump from Mar-a-Lago resort

According to a new report from Business Insider, Palm Beach officials are considering a bid from some of former President Trump’s neighbors to evict him from living at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Those who want him evicted argue Trump can’t legally live there because it is a members’ club.

Per the report “Meeting notes for the Palm Beach Town Council meeting on February 9 show officials are due to discuss the matter on Tuesday via videoconference after a presentation on the subject from John C. Randolph, Palm Beach’s town attorney.”

The report adds “the neighbors say that a 1993 agreement converting the site from a private residence into a members’ club prevents the former president or anyone else from living there for more than three times a year for up to a week each time.”

Trump has been living in Mar-a-Lago since leaving the White House in January.

According to local laws “a private club may provide living quarters for its bona fide employees only.”

John C. Randolph, Palm Beach’s town attorney writes “this issue, therefore, hinges primarily on whether former President Trump is a bona fide employee of the club.”