Ownership group floats removing Trump’s name from High-Rise Condo project

The ownership group of the high-end “Trump Palace” condo project have met to float removing Trump’s name from the building, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Bloomberg cited a residence of the complex who chose to remain anonymous.

Per Bloomberg “they wouldn’t be the first to go that route. Trump SoHo, for example, rebranded as the Dominick in 2017. After Trump was elected, a handful of buildings on the Upper West Side took down the large “Trump Place” signs that hung over their entrances. Trump Plaza, a co-op eight blocks south of Trump Palace, has long considered doing the same.”

Adam Leitman Bailey, a New York real estate attorney said he’s been contacted by residents about the stripping of Trump’s name.

“I have received calls from every building with Trump on it in the city trying to get it removed,” Bailey said. “Over time in New York, Donald Trump has not been very popular and New York is about money, so having Trump’s name on the building reduces its value.”