Over a million people have already voted in the Georgia Senate runoff

According to a new report from Fox News, over a million people have already voted in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, roughly a staggering 15 percent of the state’s 7.7 million registered voters.

Per the report “between mail ballots and early in-person votes, more than 1.12 million votes have been cast in the contentious pair of Senate races that will determine the fate of the upper chamber’s control. Mail ballots accounted for 481,171 of the votes and in-person early voting totaled 641,924.”

The report adds “n addition, nearly 76,000 new voters have registered since the presidential race, many of whom recently turned 18 or moved from out of state. Black voters and voters over 65 are showing up in large numbers for early voting. Black voters made up 27% of the electorate in the general but they make up 32% of early votes so far. Older voters made up 25% of the overall general election voters but they make up 44% of early runoff voters so far.”

Friday, Republican Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler tweeted:

[email protected] is completely opposed to Georgia values.

He openly embraces socialism and Marxism. He wants to raise taxes, lock down our economy, and take away our rights.

We MUST defeat him on Jan 5th — if we vote, we WIN! #gapol #gasen

Republican Senator David Perdue recently told Sean Spicer his opponent Jon Ossoff “is a young man that worked for two years for the Chinese Communist Party, hid it from the voters of Georgia until he was caught, and then lied about it.””