Over 10k Sign Petition to Remove Omar After New Anti U.S. Military Tweet Surfaces

A petition to impeach Ilhan Omar has pushed over 10,000 signatures after a new tweet surfaced where the controversial Democrat appears to refer to U.S. military forces as “Satan.”

You can read and sign the petition here. 

Many found the tweet highly offensive and feel this combined with Omar’s history of  Anti-Semitic tweets and callously calling the 9-11 tragedy “somebody did something” should be more than enough to justify having Omar removed.

Erik Wedin responded to Omar’s tweet stating “Somali Militias who died that day died because they boxed in a rescue operation and threw away 100s of lives just so they could kill. The US troops wanted to leave and the Militias wanted to kill. By taking the killers position Omar shows exactly what kind of person she is.”

Ken Gibs writes “So sad that she has not done her research about that event considering that’s highly likely the reason her family came to the US. She needs to be removed from her seat and this country.”

Petition signers Mark C writes “the erosion of the Constitution and the freedom and liberty of this great Country needso be STOPPED!”

You can read what others had to say here and sign the petition here. 

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