Ossoff calls for “a rapidly phased-in ban on single-use plastics”

During a speech to supporters, Georgia Democrat Senate candidate John Ossoff called for a phased-in ban on single use plastics.

Ossoff declared “We can have a clean, beautiful, healthy planet. We can ban plastic waste.”

He added “we can end the destruction of our climate. We can make historic investments in clean and renewable energy. All of this is up to us.”

On his campaign website, Ossoff writes “I’ll push for fast advances in sustainability — including a rapidly phased-in ban on single-use plastics, strongly enforced treaties to protect oceans and fisheries, aggressive protection of endangered species and habitats, increased fines for spills and contamination, and stricter controls on toxic chemicals,” his campaign’s website says. ”

Per a CBS report in August “the resurgence of single-use plastics during the coronavirus pandemic — N95 masks, plastic gloves and plastic shopping bags that were once banned in several cities and states but have returned out of necessity — has environmentalists worried about future effects.”