Oregon Governor mocked after tweeting “Let me be clear: It’s time for the violence and vandalism to end”

Amid near daily rioting, vandalism, and arson that has gone on for over 2 months now, Portland Governor Kate Brown tweeted she wants it to end.

Brown wrote “Let me be clear: It’s time for the violence and vandalism to end so Portland can focus on the important work to be done to achieve real change for racial justice. Those who have committed acts of violence will be held accountable.”

She added in a follow-up tweet “We must work together to deescalate the potential for confrontation, by continuing to foster community conversations and utilizing trained law enforcement officers to keep the peace and protect free speech, not soldiers.”

Some who spoke in solidarity with protesters apparently did not like Brown’s tweets.

One wrote “So are you going to send the state troopers to arrest the Portland Police officers who have been beating protesters unconscious or while on the ground, pepper spraying the in the face unnecessarily or using tear gas at the slightest provocation? This is a serious question!”

Another wrote “People should protest until the work is done. Meaningful change hasn’t happened, therefore the protests continue.”

Another Twitter user who blamed Brown for being part of the problem wrote “When rioters face NO consequences, you have anarchy. You own it proudly!”

Another Twitter user mocked brown and wrote “Translation: “I miscalculated when I decided to sacrifice businesses, lives, and futures to the woke hate mob. Now polling is turning against me.””