Oprah places 26 Billboards, one for every year of Breonna Taylor’s life

Oprah Winfrey has placed 26 billboards around her hometown of Louisville calling for the arrest of the police officers responsible for taking Breonna Taylor’s life.

Arianna Davis, digital director for Oprah Magazine tweeted the news.

Davis added “We demand that the officers involved in her murder are arrested and charged.”

Rosie O’Donell shared the story and wrote “BRAVO OPRAH”

During a recent race seminar, billionaire Oprah Winfrey sparked conversation by saying “Whites have a leg up. You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.”

Oprah also said “there are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people, the caste system that’s been put in place, but they still, no matter where they are on the rung, or the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness.”