“OOPS” Biden Claims a DEAD World Leader Complained about Trump to Him

2020 hopeful Joe Biden has begun his bid for the White House with more than one embarrassing gaffe.

Biden told a small group of donors that wold leaders were contacting him complaining about President Trump.

He didn’t offer any names, except for one – Margaret Thatcher, who has been dead for years.

Biden later admitted the mistake and chalked it up to a “freudian slip.”

Daily Mail reported that Biden gave Donald Trump a nickname on Saturday while dismissing the idea of getting into a ‘mud-wrestling match’ with the president if they go head-to-head for the White House in 2020.

Biden told donors in South Carolina that he knows Trump is ‘going to go after me and my family’ but pledged to answer the president ‘directly’ without name-calling.

Then he called him ‘a clown,’ and later added ‘no-good S.O.B.,’ while hinting that there are more nicknames to come.

Biden also flubbed an attack on Trump’s foreign policy performance, beginning to announce that Margaret Thatcher had invited him to speak in the United Kingdom about American foreign policy – before correcting himself and correctly naming Theresa May as the British prime minister.

‘Margaret Thatcher – um, excuse me, Margaret Thatcher, Freudian slip,’ Biden said as laughter rang out. ‘But I knew her too.’

Earlier in the day, Biden hosted a poorly-attended rally in South Carolina.

Watch the video:

From American Mirror 

Joe Biden is so popular among world leaders, he’s having a hard time keeping them all straight.

Biden, who would be 78 on Inauguration Day, told a small group of donors in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday that “14 heads of state” have contacted him, and “voiced concerns about Trump.”

Bloomberg reports:

That list included Margaret Thatcher, he said, before correcting what he called a “Freudian slip,” that he was actually referring to current British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Biden decried Trump calling his foes names, before the former vice president called him a “clown” and “no good S.O.B.,” according to Bloomberg.