WATCH: Omarosa says she thinks Trump is “going through a psychotic episode” over election loss

Appearing with Alicia Witt on MSNBC, former White House aide Omarosa who has since turned against Trump said she thinks the President is “going through a psychotic episode,”

“You know, I really feel bad for those who are left,” Omarosa told Witt “Because the reality is, is Donald’s going to turn to anyone and blame everyone for his loss except for himself.

“Certainly Vice President Pence is going to be on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s wrath,” she continued “and it’s erratic, it’s intense, and at many times it makes absolutely no sense.”

Providing an example, Omarosa said “well if he calls you into the Oval Office, first of all you’re intimidated by being in the space because you know that that’s where Donald Trump is his most unhinged,” said Omarosa. She added that “He probably sat there and made a case to Vice President Pence, and the more Pence pushes back, the louder Donald gets, the crazier he gets with his request, and then when he gets mad he just kicks you out and quits speaking with you.”

“I think Donald Trump is going through a psychotic episode,” she added. “I think that he has come to terms with his loss, but his arrogance, his ego will not allow him to accept that he is not going to be President come January.”