Omar Faces Backlash After Declaring “It’s easy to mock Medicare for All until there’s a pandemic”

Ilhan Omar faced a backlash on Twitter after implying the coronavirus is some sort of “vindication” for “Medicare for All”

Omar tweeted “It’s easy to mock Medicare for All until there’s a pandemic”

Many Twitter users were quick to point out that nations with universal government run healthcare are so far not faring better than the United States.

Others felt it was flat out wrong to use the coronavirus to try to score political points for universal healthcare.

Here are some of the many responses to Omar.

The United States has the best infectious disease units, facilities, doctors, and researchers in the world because we *don’t* have socialized healthcare.

China, Italy and South Korea all have universal government provided healthcare so it’s even easier to mock Medicare for All. Especially in light of their failures in containing and handling

Tell us about China’s government healthcare system. Same thing, right?

Even easier after

It’s easy to mock politicians who say idiotic things like, “It’s easy to mock Medicare for All until there’s a pandemic“.

Notice all the countries with free medicine all have a larger outbreak the we do

America has faced and survived pandemics without the government takeover of medicine.

China has universal health-care. I bet they’ll be on top of it if this coronavirus thing hits there.

A lot of good it did in China.

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