Omar Calls for Universal Housing, Income, Vote-by-mail, Healthcare “as a start”

Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar called for universal healthcare, school meals, vote-by-mail, housing and basic income “as a start.”

Omar tweeted:

Here’s what we need to make universal, as a start:
🏥 Healthcare
🍏 School meals
📬 Vote-by-mail
🏠 Housing
💵 Basic income

Omar had tweeted the day before.

Every registered voter should be allowed to in future elections, no questions asked.

Last month, Omar wrote:

Any relief package must:

•Make cash assistance universal and monthly
•Halt foreclosures *and* evictions
•Freeze all deportations
•Cancel student debt
•Pay for small business losses
•Bail out workers, not corporations

Here are some steps I have been taking to ensure this.