Omar Schooled After Pleading “We must stop detaining immigrants,” Referring to Illegals

Ilhan Omar reacted to a ABC News story about a detention center in Lumpkin, Georgia and hardships detailed illegal immigrants face.

As she often does, Ilhan Omar conflated the term “illegal immigrants” with “immigrants” and tweeted:

This should never be the case.

The cruelty of our immigration system becomes clearer every day. We must stop detaining immigrants and start giving them pathways to citizenship

As is often the case, Omar was schooled by Twitter users pointing out that there IS a legal system for immigrants to become citizens.

They do have a path. You just choose to ignore it.

Tell that to the families murdered by illegal immigrants.

Over 7 billion people on the face of the Earth if we open our borders wide open it would be chaos. We cannot take everyone.

When I immigrated to Canada…I had to go through the legal process. Try again.

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