Omar Blames U.S. “Inaction on Climate Change” for Global Hurricanes, Wildfires

“Squad” member and Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar suggested that U.S. “inaction on climate change” was to blame for Global Hurricanes, Wildfires and Floods.

Omar responded to a CNN story that wrote:

Hurricanes, wildfires and floods cost the world $150 billion in 2019 and losses for business and the economy are only expected to increase, because of a decade-long rise in natural catastrophes with direct links to climate change.

Omar then added:

Inaction on climate change won’t just be costly in dollars — it will cost us our planet. This is not a drill. We’ve got to pass a #GreenNewDeal.

One Twitter user responded:

Socialists continue to push “climate change” policy as a way to manipulate people’s behaviors.

They don’t care about climate change”or they wouldn’t fly around the world on private jets & mega yachts.

There is no place liberal hypocrisy is on bigger display than climate change.

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