Omar Announces Launch of Her Re-Election Campaign with Support of Keith Ellison

Lawmaker Ilhan Omar has officially launched her re-election campaign.

The controversial politician announced via Twitter:

I am honored to launch my re-election campaign with the support of my predecessor and friend @keithellison, a man who fights for Minnesotans every day.

Together, we’re going to keep pursuing a bold progressive vision for the America we deserve.

The name for the Ilhan Omar reelection kickoff event is “Send Her Back to Congress” and featured Ellison.

Ellison faced constant scrutiny over his affiliation with the Nation of Islam and Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison also faced accusations of abuse from an ex-girlfriend. 

In one social media post, Ellison touted the handbook for radical leftist group Antifa, who has assaulted citizens including journalist Andy Ngo. 

Ilhan Omar will not be without opposition as Republican Dalia Al-Aqidi has announced she will oppose Omar.


According to Trace Gallagher of Fox News, FBI investigators are allegedly reviewing criminal allegations against freshman lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar is reportedly also being looked at by ICE and the IG for the Department of Education.

Per Gallagher “The Blaze is reporting the allegations include Perjury, Immigration Fraud, Tax Fraud, Student Loan Fraud and Bigamy.”

The allegations into Omar being looked into allegedly also include Judicial Watch’s claim that Omar married her biological brother.


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