Omar Accused of Violating FEC Regulations on Travel Expenses for Alleged Boyfriend

The National Legal and Policy Center, an organization that describes their goal as  “promoting ethics in public life” is accusing Ilhan Omar of continuing to break the law with regards to her alleged boyfriend’s travel.

A bombshell report from DailyMail alleges Rep. Ilhan Omar is sharing a DC apartment with the married man she denied having an affair with. claims to have have obtained photographic evidence that confirms Omar and Mynett have been hooking up whenever she is in DC for congressional work. In the photo, the pair are seen coming out of Omar’s DC pad in September

Dailymail also claims the pair were careful not to be seen entering and leaving the rented digs at the same time but they spent at least six nights together in September, including Thursday, September 20 into Friday, September 21.

From DailyMail

Ilhan Omar’s brazen double life involving secret hookups, romantic vacations and talk of marriage to her DC strategist lover is today laid bare after an exclusive investigation.

The leftist congresswoman, 37, spent months denying she had split from husband Ahmed Hirsi despite this website revealing she had left their marital home and was having an affair with a campaign aide.

She finally filed for divorce on October 7 – but still refuses to acknowledge her relationship with veteran Democratic schmoozer Tim Mynett, 38, whose wife also petitioned for divorce in August.


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) continues to violate Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations governing travel by her campaign staff. As detailed in an amendment to our August 28, 2019 FEC Complaint, Omar failed to itemize travel expenses to E Street Group, a firm owned by her boyfriend Tim Mynett in her FEC disclosure reports for the third quarter of 2019.

The amendment charges, “Respondents either continue to willfully disregard the law, or misunderstand it.” From the amendment:

On October 12, 2019, Ilhan Omar for Congress filed FEC Form 3, Report of Receipts and Disbursements for the period covering July 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019. The filing reports Total Operating Expenditures of $441,638.95. Of that amount, disbursements totaling $146,712.64 were reported on Schedule B to E Street Group, LLC, owned by Tim Mynett.

Disbursements to E Street Group, LLC totaled more than a third of total disbursements and made it the largest vendor of Omar’s campaign committee.

The purposes of the disbursements are identified as “digital communications consulting,” “fundraising consulting,” “digital advertising’” “graphic design and printing,” “travel and fundraising expenses,” “print advertisement,” “printing,” “travel expenses,” “video production,” and “list rental.”

The purpose of disbursement for a payment to E Street Group on August 1, 2019 in the amount of $2,823.01 is identified as “travel and fundraising expenses.” Again, Omar’s campaign committee failed to itemize travel expenses. A committee can reimburse a campaign traveler for travel expenses, but it must report reimbursing the campaign traveler and, if the amount exceeds $500, provide information about the original travel vendors.

Moreover, a disbursement can be “travel” expense or a “fundraising” expense, but it cannot be both, even if the travel was in conjunction with fundraising activities. The FEC requires more specific information in reporting travel disbursements, such as the names of airlines, hotels, etc.

The amendment quotes a statement released by David Mitrani, who identified himself as counsel to Omar’s campaign and E Street Group, following NLPC’s original Complaint:

There is nothing untoward about this, nor anything illegal about it – and the complaint even misstates the law on travel reimbursements (as it is not required for payments to vendors, only for payments specifically to individuals). 

Mitrani claims that NLPC “even misstates the law on travel reimbursements” as he misstates the law himself. FEC instructions on how candidates should report travel reimbursements can be found here.

As reported in this Daily Mail story yesterday, the FEC presently lacks a quorum. The six-member Commission is equally split by law between three Democrats and three Republicans. Traditionally, nominees for openings from each party have been “paired” for Senate confirmation. President Trump has nominated a Republican, but Senator Charles Schumer has not come up with a Democrat.

This lack of a quorum is a matter of frustration for ethics groups. It is also a problem for Representative Omar who will have serious allegations hanging over her head for some time to come.

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