Obama under fire after suggesting Springsteen’s fans would use “n word” at black saxophone player

During an awkward segment of a joint interview with musician Bruce Springsteen, former President Obama said Bruce Springsteen’s primarily white fans may have loved the band’s saxophone player Clarence Clemmons “on-stage” but if they ran into Clarence at a bar, they’d call him the n word.”

Springsteen went along with Obama, and instead of defending his fans said “oh yeah.”

Greg Kelly of Newsmax shared the video and wrote “Barack–you don’t have a damn CLUE about this country.”

Many felt Obama’s words were inappropriate.

AJ Steel Show wrote “Years ago Clarence Clemons who lived a few blocks away, invited me to jam with him in a tiny bar in Mill Valley CA. Somehow It never occurred to my White friends or myself to call him the N WORD, but then again, we were never Bruce Springsteen or Obama fans.”

Another “Hey @springsteen I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I can assure you that if I saw Clarence at a bar or anywhere else I would not call him the N word. Would it kill you to stand up for your fans who have lined your pockets for decades when Obama calls us all racists?”

Obama may have been referencing a passage in Springsteen’s book.

However, in response to the book passage, one Twitter user wrote “People say bad words all the time. Just cuz one person in some deserted bar middle nowhere whispered a word doesn’t mean the entire white race and skin color should be indicted. It’s wrong and it’s actually racist!”

Another wrote “That’s a sorry incident but hardly the same thing that Obama is describing… Clemons gets into an unexplained fight with some unknown jackass at a bar versus Springsteen’s entire white fan base using the N word toward Clemons? How is that even remotely the same thing?