Obama suggests GOP voting laws are “rigging” the game, calls for the “corporate community” to “call folks out”

Former President Obama warned he sees Republican changes to votings laws as “rigging” the system, singling out Georgia in particular.

Speaking to the Economic Club of Chicago virtually, Obama claimed Republicans of instituting “voter suppression methods” through their state legislatures.

“That’s the kind of dangerous behavior we are going to have to push back on,” Obama claimed.

Obama also urged corporate America to speak out.

“I think the corporate community has a responsibility to at least call folks out on that. Because that transcends policy,” Obama said. “This really has to do with the basic rules by which we have all agreed to keep this diverse and multiracial democracy functioning.”

“Are we going to stick to those rules or are we going to start rigging the game in a way that breaks it?” he asked.  “And that’s not going to be good for business, not to mention not good for our soul.”