Obama says he was proud of his 2 daughters taking part in racial justice protests and it makes him optimistic

Appearing on a special Juneteenth themed ABC’s documentary series “Soul of a Nation” former President Obama answered the question “What keeps you up at night, and what gives you the most joy?”

Obama replied, “How does our democracy get refreshed and updated so that it continues to work effectively as we become a more diverse society?”

“How can we ensure that if you work hard in this country, you can make it?” he added.

Obama then said his 2 daughters were his biggest joy if how they participated in wave of racial justice protests following the killing of George Floyd.

Obama said “I was proud of the fact that they participated in some of these protests, not in a high profile way, because they didn’t want to use their quasi-celebrity as a way of leading the parade, but as workers behind the scenes. That’s part of why I’m optimistic, because I’m seeing this next generation coming up.”

“When I see the two of them and the grace and kindness and sense of responsibility they have been to each other and to the wider world, of all the things I have accomplished in my life, my partnership with Michelle resulting in them, that makes everything worth it,” he added.