Obama describes Trump as “someone who has complete disdain for ordinary people”

In a new interview with “The Atlantic” former President Obama describes Trump as “someone who has complete disdain for ordinary people.”

Obama explains “I will say that I’m not surprised that somebody like Trump could get traction in our political life,” in the new interview published Monday “He’s a symptom as much as an accelerant. But if we were going to have a right-wing populist in this country, I would have expected somebody a little more appealing.”

“If you think about populists from the past, someone like Huey Long — he wasn’t from the right; he was a classic populist, rooted in the earth; he knows the lives of the people he is rallying; he genuinely understands them.” Obama continues “I guess I would not have expected someone who has complete disdain for ordinary people to be able to get attention and then the following from those very same people.”

Obama then compares Trump unfavorably to John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart.

“The John Waynes, the Gary Coopers, the Jimmy Stewarts, the Clint Eastwoods, for that matter. There was a code,” Obama said “The code of masculinity that I grew up with that harkens back to the ’30s and ’40s and before that — there’s a notion that a man is true to his word, that he takes responsibility, that he doesn’t complain, that he isn’t a bully; in fact he defends the vulnerable against bullies.”

“I thought that the model wouldn’t be Richie Rich,” Obama added “The complaining, lying, doesn’t-take-responsibility-for-anything type of figure.”