Obama Causes Online Stir By Tweeting “Vote”

Thursday, in wake of a firestorm of “Obamagate” stories, ex-President Obama simply tweeted “Vote.” The tweet has been liked over 1.3 million times.

Former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic party nominee Joe Biden quoted Obama and added “What he said.”

Obama’s tweet comes a day after President Trump tweeted “OBAMAGATE!”

Per TheHill, Republicans have focused on watchdog reports surrounding a shadowy surveillance court and have targeted Obama-era officials for scrutiny as the Justice Department has moved recently to drop its case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Trump administration on Wednesday sent lawmakers a declassified list of Obama-era officials who they claim requested documents that led to Flynn’s identity being “unmasked” in intelligence reports.

Trump repeatedly lashed out at Obama on Sunday after the former president criticized the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against Flynn. In a call that was subsequently leaked, Obama warned that the move to drop the Flynn case threatened the “rule of law.”

In several tweets since the weekend, Trump also promoted what he termed “Obamagate” and retweeted a supporter’s declaration that Obama was “the first Ex-President to ever speak against his successor.”

Fact checkers have noted, however, that former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill ClintonJimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Dwight Eisenhower all criticized administrations that followed their own.

Trump declined to name a specific allegation when pressed by reporters on Monday about what crime he was accusing Obama of committing following his tweets over the weekend.

Some GOP lawmakers have said that they do not care if Obama weighs in from the sidelines, after he criticized the move to drop the Flynn case and critiqued the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“I think you can expect people like President Obama to weigh in. … I have a sneaking suspicion that after Donald Trump is president he won’t be that shy about weighing in on the next president,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said earlier this week.

Still, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) sharply criticized Obama’s remarks about the coronavirus response on Monday during an online Trump campaign event.

“I think President Obama should have kept his mouth shut. You know, we know he doesn’t like much this administration is doing. That’s understandable. But I think it’s a little bit classless frankly to critique an administration that comes after you,” McConnell said.