Obama blasts Newsmax, calls for “thoughtful pressure…with the big social media companies”

Appearing with April Ryan, former President Obama singled out Newsmax as an example of a news organization he’s against and called for “thoughtful pressure and conversation with the big social media companies”

Obama said “We’re still going to have challenges with the splintering of the press and major news outlets and emerging news outlets as well as social media sites that do not follow the basic standards and tenets of the press that you learned your craft coming up, observing. You look at companies like a Newsmax that just are mimicking the wild accusations, unfound accusations made by Donald Trump about this election without a regard to any support or evidence of this claims. Lots of people are soaking that in. A lot of people are believing that.”

“I think that part of the challenge will be making sure that the White House returns to some of those norms and standards that you are accustomed to,” he continued.

“But it’s going to take all of us as consumers. It’s going to take thoughtful pressure and conversation with the big social media companies. You know, all of us are going to have to figure out how do we get back to the point where the truth means something and that you can’t just make stuff up and suddenly half the country believes it.”

“That’s something that will take effort beyond the White House in order for us to get back,” he added.



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