Obama and Hillary BOTH Refuse to Say “Christians” in Condolence Tweets

Many are pointing out on social media that it is quite ironic the double standard that ex-President Obama and Presidential loser Hillary Clinton appear to be deploying when discussing attacks on a religious institution.

When mosques were attacked, they both quickly stood with Muslims.

However, when catholic churches were attacked this Easter Sunday, both Obama and Hillary omitted the words “Christian” and “Catholics” from their tweets.

Instead, both Hillary and Obama inexplicably used the term “Easter worshippers.”

Who is writing the tweets for Obama and Hillary, Ilhan Omar?

Brittany Pettibone writes

“What the heck is an Easter worshipper?

The term that these people are going to such painfully ludicrous lengths to avoid using is “Christian”.

And many agreed this was NOT normal.

In contrast, look how Obama reacted when Muslims were attacked.

H/T – MagaNews