NYT: Democrats suffered a “Stinging Setback in California” with losses to Republicans

A new NY Times report acknowledges that Democrats suffered a “stinging setback in California” in the 2020 House election losses.

The report notes “Republicans snatched back four of those seats even as Joe Biden swamped President Donald Trump in California. The losses stunned Democrats and contributed to the razor-thin margin the party will hold in the House of Representatives this January.

The turnaround is testimony to how competitive the seats are, particularly in Orange County, once a bastion of conservative Republicanism that has been moving steadily Democratic over the past 20 years.”

The reports also notes the losses “reflected the potency of Republican attacks” that included characterizing Democrats as the party of “socialism” and “defunding the police.”

Harley Rouda, a Democrat from Orange County who was defeated by Michelle Steel said “Republicans hung around Democrats’ necks that we are all socialist or communist and we all wanted to defund the police.”

She added “In my opinion, we as a party did a less than adequate job in refuting that narrative. We won in 2018 and took the House back because of people like me — moderates — flipping radical Republican seats.”