NYT columnist says he’s concerned how supporters will react “if Donald Trump does lose”

Appearing on PBS, NY Times columnist David Brooks said he’s concerned about how Trump supporters will react if Biden wins the election next month.

“The thing that worries me, frankly, is, a lot of people I know who are Trump supporters are absolutely certain that Trump is going to win,” Brooks said.

“They just say the polls were wrong in 2016,” he continued “They’re wrong now. I am absolutely certain it’s going to be a landslide. And when you say, well, the polls — maybe he’ll lose…it’s just not part of the possible reality. And so, if Donald Trump does lose, I’m a little concerned about how a lot of people will react. Because it will come as a complete shock to a lot of people, and maybe vice versa on the Democratic side, though I just happen to hear more from some of the Republicans.”

“They’ll be completely flummoxed that this happened, and I don’t know what reaction that will prompt,” he added.