WATCH: NYPD Van Set on Fire in Fort Greene Park

NYPost reports Anti-cop rage over the police-custody death of George Floyd boiled over in Brooklyn on Friday night — with an NYPD van being set on fire in Fort Greene Park and hundreds of protesters trying to surround the 88th precinct in Clinton Hill before being rebuffed by a massive police mobilization.

In all, some 200 people were arrested Friday and early Saturday in separate, heated protests in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, sources told The Post.

A crowd of some 3,000 protesters had converged on the Barclays Center in Prospect Heights hours earlier, with police releasing chemical mace as the demonstration grew unruly and began throwing objects at cops.

And still earlier in the day, in Lower Manhattan, at least 30 protesters were busted, including a man who allegedly punched an NYPD sergeant in the head with brass knuckles.

The brass knuckles-wielding man allegedly walloped the sergeant as crowds massed at around 4 p.m. near Centre and Leonard streets.

At the Barclays Center, thousands of angry protesters chanted, “They’re killing us!” and “F–k those pigs” while holding signs that read, “NYPD KKK.” At one point, the crowd roared at the sound of fireworks going off.

Police sprayed mace on protesters after several in attendance began throwing things, police sources said. Cops were caught on camera beating several protestors with batons as onlookers screamed.

Assemblywoman Diana Richardson (D-Brooklyn) said she was sprayed by mace while trying to peacefully protest at the arena, home to the Brooklyn Nets.

“This is uncalled for,” Richardson told a WNYC reporter afterward. “I would never be in a position to be like this. I’m actually out here to make sure the peace is [kept].”